IT has taken an enormous team effort at every school in the Swindon area to adapt to the seismic changes caused by the pandemic.

Headteachers overseeing several academies and schools in the town offered their heartfelt thanks to those who have worked even harder than usual to deal with the extra demands thrust upon them.

Ridgeway School headteacher and Swindon Association of Secondary Headteachers boss James Povoas said: “I’m grateful to have such a brilliant team of staff and leaders. I work with some amazing people, it’s interdependent collaboration that makes us all able to do our jobs.

“Teachers across the town are being fantastic in order to keep schools open and children safe.

“It’s a real team effort between us, Public Health England and Swindon Borough Council’s public health team. We have to get on top of it, doing what is necessary to reduce the risk and stop the spread.

“Teaching is a highly rewarding but highly exhausting job. We were very glad to have two weeks at half term to have a break.

“We cancelled some meetings to give staff more time to do their online resources and are trying to help them balance the challenges of their role this year and make the job sustainable.

“Thank you to parents, too – we work together to give students the best possible opportunities.”

Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust CEO George Croxford added: “Headteachers have born the brunt of this but they have done a fantastic job, as have staff and parents and students, they have all pulled together.

“Everyone has worked to make it a success.

“I could not be prouder of the staff and students and parents at all the schools, they have been amazing. They worked so hard and have done such a great job.”