Swindon has been placed into Tier 2 of the new coronavirus system when national lockdown ends next week. 

The new restrictions will mean that households cannot mix indoors and the rule of six applies to outdoor gatherings. 

Pubs and bars must close unless they are selling a 'substantial meal' and even then there is a 11pm curfew with last orders coming at 10pm. 

When it comes to sports, the County Ground can welcome back up to 2,000 fans to any Swindon Town game. 

Here's what you said on Facebook: 


Mike Davies: "Not good but something has to be done if we don't comply things will get worse."


Ripon Habib: "Not surprised though.

"It's pretty much open everything except night curfew."


Mihai Tantau: "So when we went into lockdown we were in Tier 1 now after the lockdown we go into Tier 2. That was some achievement."


Gary Selby: "Total joke. They are going to ruin this country and I can't believe the majority of the population actually believe what they are saying.

"The way Hancock praises 'the people' whilst destroying their livelihoods is sickening.

"One example is pubs. How are wet pubs meant to survive? 

"Something tells me, it's too much of a British way of life for this government to worry about."


Fiona Elizabeth Smart: "Annoys me. My eldest can still go to school and mingle with 60 other households but I can't see one."


Kate Long: "Went into lockdown Tier 1, came out Tier 2."


Mark West: "I don't really like having governments tell me how to live but I also don't want to be the one that spreads something to someone then they die.

"I do try my hardest to do my bit."


Kenny Wheeler: "So I can go to the Country Ground and watch Swindon with 1,999 other people but I can't go to the pub?"


Steve Parsons: "It will not make any difference because people will do just as they like so by January we will all be on full lockdown again.

"Things will not get any better until people listen and a jab comes up to stop people getting it."


Hannah Ruth Melissa Edwards: "I'm confused, so we can't see family or travel but you can go to a live performance of up to 2000 people?"