OWNERS of small pubs and bars spoke out about their fears for their businesses as Swindon is set to go into Tier 2 on Wednesday.

Under the new Covid restrictions pubs and bars must close unless they are serving a substantial meal with alcohol.

But the Government has been criticised for not clarifying what a substantial meal means.

The Adver spoke to Jason Putt who owns The Hop Inn in Old Town and Alun Rossiter who runs the Southbrook Inn about what this would mean for their business.

Here's what you told us on Facebook...

James Austen: "This is utterly ridiculous. Between a visit to The Tuppenny in Old Town and a visit to a supermarket, I know which has the better Covid safety measures and where I feel much safer, and it's not the supermarket."

Patrick Connolly: "I love going to the pub but now is not the time. I feel for those businesses struggling and hope they survive, but for now I will be avoiding the pub until I get the vaccine."

Jamie Watts: "The Tuppenny and Hop Kettle online options this Christmas are fantastic. I’ve bought from both throughout both lockdowns. Let’s support the hell out of our local independents so that 2021 has the soul and vibrancy in Old Town that it desperately needs."

Geoffrey Stevens: "It’s going to decimate the pub industry, our pubs are probably the most controlled environment and I’m totally gutted.The effect this will have on the elderly and those seeking company will be devastating for them."

Colin Harris: "I completely agree that the pub and hospitality industry should stay open with Covid procedures in place. I feel that pubs landlords are doing their very best, but unfortunately it’s the customers ruining it not the government.

"If people wanted to go out for a drink socialise fair enough but once they have a few too many the social distancing goes out the window as we have already seen this virus is being spread by peoples attitudes. These are the ones to blame for pubs being closed down and shutting, it's not the government."

Mary Carey: "Many pubs are now doing takeaway food, they have adapted. The savvy ones will survive, those who sit there whining and do nothing will go under. It's business and you have to keep moving with the times. It's sad but true."

Julie Watts: "Unfortunately some pubs and people do not adhere to rules that are put in place making it very difficult for the majority. We're in very sad times."

Luke Connolly: "I think if all shops can open, then why not pubs? They can make sure people distance and keep safe as much as shops can."

Adrian Roberts: "It's common sense to me, if we lift restrictions then infection rates go up, by Christmas it will be getting worse again. Drive it as low as possible until Christmas and pray we don't have a third wave at the end of January.

"The biggest need is to protect the NHS, so people missing a few more days without beer and staying sober is tough and a price worth paying."

Kevin Marshall: "The Tuppenny is an excellent example of ensuring customer safety and well being. It's small businesses like The Tuppenny that are suffering the most, they have been the shining example of following the regulations to the letter."

Sue Venn: "Unfortunately, people lose the ability to stay clear from others once they have alcohol and they wouldn't have masks on because they would be drinking. Pubs are totally different from shops."