THERE will be changes to household waste and recycling collection over the Christmas period. 

Food waste, household waste, recycling, blue bags and garden waste collections are all affected - but Swindon Borough Council says there is no change to clinical waste collections. 

There will be no waste and recycling collections on Christmas Day and the council is advising people to put their waste and recycling out - including food waste for those involved in the trial - by 6.30am on Monday, December 21 and leave it out until it is collected.

Nor will there be any waste and recycling collections on Monday, December 28. Again, people should put their waste and recycling out as above by 6.30am on Tuesday, December 29 and leave it out until it is collected.

Food waste collections due to take place on Friday, January 1 will now be collected from Monday, January 4 instead - with the council again asking people to leave it out until it is collected. 

All other New Year’s Day waste and recycling collections will take place as normal.

People who have food waste collected are being reminded not to dispose of any bones from meat, poultry or fish in their caddies. Bones aren’t recyclable and must be put in the black wheelie bin/blue bag.

There will be no blue bag collections on Christmas Day and people should put their waste out by 6.30am on Friday, January 1.

Those whose usual blue bag collection day falls on Monday, December 28 are advised to put their blue bags out by 6.30am on Monday, January 4.

Both days will see a double collection of up to four bags.

There will be no changes to clinical waste collections over the festive period.

Garden waste collections will be suspended for two weeks between Monday, December 21 and Friday, January 1 in line with the service terms and conditions. Collections will resume on Monday, January 4.

Bulky waste collections will not be available on Christmas Day, Monday, December 28 or New Year’s Day.

All residents affected by the changes to collections will be notified in advance.

Cabinet Member for highways, maintenance and waste services Maureen Penny said: “Over the Christmas period we produce up to 30 per cent more waste than usual and dispose of more than 270,000 tonnes of food.

“I’d like to take this moment to encourage all our residents to limit the amount of waste they are producing over the holidays, only buy what you need and recycle as much as possible.

“To make this easier, we are pleased to be offering additional services over the festive holiday to help you recycle more. Please make use of these services and enjoy a greener Christmas.

“Don’t forget to give our crews a wave if you see them out over the holidays and spread some Christmas cheer.”