Covid tier system is right way to go

I find it amazing how so many people are complaining about being in a particular tier.

The vote that took place on 1st December in the house of Commons was to help protect the NHS and particularly Hospitals.

For some reason too many MPs were blinkered on the R rate in their constituencies. This pandemic was always going to be a decision about lives verses the economy.

I was and have been against the approach the Government took at the beginning regarding this virus.

However, I supported them on this issue. Too many people, including MPs,don't realise that because their areas have low infection R rate their local hospital are nearing breaking point.

If you live in one of these areas and need hospital treatment, a heart attack, a stroke or an accident they may find there is nowhere for them to go as their local hospital is filling up with cases of Covid-19.

We have all heard that routine appointment are being cancelled and operations, we need to protect our hospitals so they can help those with Covid-19 and all the other illnesses as well.

When the NHS needed support the Labour Party abstained something I feel they will regret.

This pandemic had left many businesses going bust but you can always resurrect a business , unfortunately, you can't resurrect a love one.

Allan Woodham

West View


Carers' allowance should be increased

In Wiltshire tens of thousands of people give up their time and their employment prospects to care for loved ones.

The vast majority of these people are women. Some are young people. Their selfless sacrifice means their current incomes and future pensions suffer.

Meanwhile Wiltshire Council saves a lot of money. Those they care for stay at home rather than going into homes the Council would have to fund.

Wiltshire's Carers do a remarkable job. They face big challenges every single day; challenges that have been made even harder by Coronavirus.

They need our support but are far too often forgotten and ignored. ‎Saying "thank you" to these amazing people is important, but it is not enough.

A‎ £1,000 a year increase in the Carers Allowance would help. It would also show that those of us who do not have to face this challenge care too. It's the least our Carers deserve.

The new Lib Dem Leader Ed Davey MP knows the ‎reality of caring. As a teenager he looked after his sick Mother.

He is Dad to his disabled son. I hope you will join me in backing his campaign.

It is also supported by the main Carers charities. Please support an extra £1,000 a year for the Carers Allowance by adding your name at

Ian Thorn

Wiltshire Council Lib Dem Group Leader