DRIVERS have complained of abuse from other road users as they attempt to negotiate the Mannington Roundabout.

And they say new road markings by the council are the cause of the problem.

The local authority acted on feedback over confusing lanes – with somebody taking it upon themself to spray-paint their own markings to indicate which lane was for those wanting the M4 motorway.

But the extended closure of Mead Way has forced more people to use the busy roundabout.

Zoe McCormick from Westlea said: “We have no alternative route at the moment. The residents of West Swindon have been crying out for clearer markings and signage since the layout was changed a couple of years ago.

“There are posts on the West Swindon Facebook group on a daily basis from people who have had near misses there, and I witness people in the wrong lane cutting across every single time I use the roundabout. It’s extremely dangerous.

She added: “The council promised us a sign which hasn’t materialised yet. Now people are seeing the lane markings and realising the far-right lane is the only lane for West Swindon and Delta, the traffic in that lane is becoming very congested.”

The council completed a £3.2m revamp of the roundabout this year to ease traffic flow.

Emily Tapster from West Swindon said: “Although I’m pregnant and have a toddler and the abuse from some people is horrendous. I will try and avoid where I can.

“The issue is when people drive from Great Western Way turning right, they carve lanes, not following the road markings, meaning lots of near misses and angry drivers.

She added: “I think actual signage needs to be put up. Not road markings. And the road markings need to be moved further back from the roundabout so they can actually be seen.”

Debbie MacKenzie from West Swindon uses the roundabout two or three times a week and thinks drivers are still following the old road layout.

She said: “I feel like this is beyond a joke as I’ve been beeped, had gestured to and stared at so many times for staying in my lane – being in the far right hand lane before the traffic lights, then on entering the roundabout where the lane splits, I take the left-hand lane and follow the lane round.

Swindon Borough Council is planning to put up signs on the approach to the roundabout to prevent any risks.

A spokesman said: “As a result of complaints about poor lane discipline at Mannington roundabout, we installed new road markings to make it easier for drivers to negotiate the junction.

“We are currently in the process of procuring signs to be erected on the approaches to the roundabout. We are hoping to be able to install the signs early in the new year, assuming the supply chain is not hit by problems that result from the Covid restrictions.

“In the meantime, we hope drivers are finding the new road markings helpful.”