A bent prison guard caught smuggling drugs and cigarettes into Wiltshire's only jail has had her sentence increased.

Hannah Gaves, 27, was handed a three year sentence at Salisbury Crown Court in August

But the case was taken to the Court of Appeal by the Solicitor General under the unduly lenient sentences scheme. 

Judges upped the sentence to four years and eight months' imprisonment. 

Solicitor General Michael Ellis said: “Gaves intentionally smuggled contraband into prison with the intention of supplying dangerous drugs.

“She betrayed the trust inherent in her office. The decision by the Court of Appeal to increase her sentence today was the right one.”

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Gaves was searched by bosses at HMP Erlestoke in January 2019 after receiving a tip-off that she was smuggling contraband into the jail.

She had cocaine stashed in her underwear and also had black plastic bags of cannabis, five packets of tobacco and Rizla cigarette papers.

A search of her home in Chippenham uncovered cash and more cannabis. 

Gaves admitted possession of the cigarettes and cannabis but denied knowledge of the cocaine.

In a police interview, she stated that she felt under pressure from an individual who would harm her if she did not smuggle in the contraband. She refused to name the individual concerned.

The guard was suspected of having had what police termed an "inappropriate relationship" with one of the inmates, on whose behalf she was said to have smuggled items. A search of his cell found tobacco and a sim card. 

Gaves, of Park End Road, Gloucester, pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply Class A and B drugs, as well as attempting to bring List C prohibited articles into a prison.