What did little Scarlett say?

That was the question on 29-year-old dad Ben Jones’ lips when he was sent a video of his young daughter snapped by partner Melissa Underhill.

In the video, nine-month-old Scarlett can be heard apparently saying the word “d***head”...

...or at least that’s what it sounded like to Ben and Melissa.

Ben, from Coleview, said: “Melissa was just recording her and she came out with that. It sounded a lot like what we thought it sounded like. It was hilarious.

“She’d never said it before. It was out of the blue.

“I was just kind of gobsmacked, like ‘did she really say that?’”

He said friends and family had found the video hilarious. The footage summed up his daughter, whose first word was “dada”.

“She’s a bubbly, always happy, smiley young girl. She’s a typical character, really. She’s definitely developed a character,” he said.