Junction accident waiting to happen

I have lived in Toothill for over 40 years and never had an issue with going onto the Mannington roundabout from Great Western Way apart from idiots taking the outside lane shooting up the dual carriage way to M4. I have complained to Swindon borough council by email and had email from from Mr Tom Neal who seemed concerned about the bad driver his words not mine, but not about the awful road mapping.

I have tried driving from the outside lane and going across to the second outer lane on roundabout following the dotted white lines and nearly had a car hit me on the passenger rear as they were in the NOW M4 lane. I have also used the second outside lane before the marking were there, which did take you onto the roundabout for west Swindon and had abuse from a driver cutting in front of me.

This junction is ridiculous as they have added an extra lane for Wootton Bassett Road, put two lanes for M4 which is not needed, but taken a lane from one of the busiest routes for West Swindon on that roundabout. The markings now is West Swindon residents have only one lane (which gets backed up every day) which is the outside lane and if you follow the dotted lines cuts you in front of the next lane, on the roundabout.

This junction needs to be put back to two lanes for West Swindon then it matches the dual carriageway coming from the M4 so the congestion gets less and there is no cutting up. I for one am finding other routes rather than risk my life and car from any accidents as this is a serious accident in the waiting.

Sheila Goodenough


Minister mis-quoted PHE Covid report

David Norris complains that his MP Robert Buckland failed to specifically answer some questions on COVID 19. Now I have no wish to defend Buckland. From the start the Government’s response has been inadequate and even now it is threatening authorities and schools daring to prioritise safety. And MPs should answer questions put by constituents.

In this case though I would understand if Buckland had taken one look at the questions, slapped his forehead and adopted the same attitude he might if he were being asked to prove the Earth were not flat. Mr Norris refers to “media reports” of Foreign secretary Dominic Raab’s claim of a 93 per cent false positive rate for the “PCR” test. It is certainly true that Raab embarrassed himself by speaking this rubbish into camera. He was badly mis-quoting a PHE report which didn’t even mention false positives. It actually said that around one in five people, in the locus of its study, with the virus would be told they did not. ie false negatives. Cases are under, not over reported. The RT-PCR test is very reliable.

Mr Norris continues with another couple of questions which are also talking points for online conspiracy theorists and have nothing whatever to do with the COVID pandemic or how it can be dealt with.

Peter Smith

Woodside Avenue