How would so-called experts tackle Covid?

It has been interesting to see the comments about the Government’s inadequacies in their dealings with the Covid situation. I do wonder though what those experts who have written in would do if they were in charge.

Would they agree or disagree with the advisers / health ministers etc? Would they tolerate journalists who ask the same questions over and over again?

Would they enjoy the long hours of consultation while trying to deal with the changing situation?

Would they enjoy the comments by other MPs who comment where the Government is going wrong and what solutions would they offer?

I don’t agree with all that has been done and others are of the same opinion BUT, how would the experts who write in solve things?

Personally, I hope we do what Spain is probably going to do, and that is keep a record of all those who refuse the vaccination.

Those people may not help the future containment of the virus! Who knows?

I do agree and see sense in one doctors’ statement that there is no medical reason why anyone should not wear a face mask.

You can download a statement from the internet to show people why you do not wear a face mask! For what it’s worth!

I thought that the situation would bring people together, and it has, up to a point, but there are still some out there who are still morons and do not give a damn!

Let’s hope 2021 is so much better.

Chris Gleed

Proud Close


It's not all doom and gloom in Covid crisis

I always enjoy reading letters from Mark and Martin Webb, and frequently agree with much of what they write.

But not always. In their letter of December 29 they castigated the Prime Minister for his handling of the Covid-19 crisis, and I understand why.

However, I am always bemused how the highly paid civil servants who actually run such things as PPE procurement, track and trace and who advise the government get a free pass and never receive criticism.

Incidentally, like Mark and Martin I think the lockdowns achieved very little and were more about demonstrating action being taken, as opposed to flattening the sombrero.

But the same criticisms of the PM are also being levelled at other world leaders.

One thing of which we can all be certain is that if we hadn't left the EU we would still be waiting for approval for a vaccine rather than being able to say that one million people have already received their jab.

It's not all doom and gloom.

Des Morgan

Caraway Drive