LUKE Hope was one of 2,000 people on the stem cell transplant waiting list in the UK but he has successfully recovered from his operation.

The 20-year-old was diagnosed with Leukaemia on his 18th birthday in November 2018.

And after him and his family worked with DKMS UK to raise awareness more people became donors which led to Luke finding the perfect match.

His dad, Paul Hope, said: "Luke is progressing well currently, with his strength and appetite improving every day, though he still has a long way to go before he is fit enough to return to work. A target date of this Spring still looks likely for him.

"His recovery has been more difficult than expected due to the restrictions and concerns that the Covid crisis has placed on us all, as he has been unable to mix with his friends and extended family. Luke is still classed as being extremely critically vulnerable and still needs to shield, especially with the new variant today.

"Somewhere in Germany, there is a man whose absolutely selfless act of donating his stem cells to a complete stranger has meant that Luke is able to celebrate his rebirth date of 9th October, his +100 day date of 19th January, and of course all his future birthdays, including his 21st birthday this November coming.

"One day, we will be able to write to this superhero stranger and if all parties agree in the future, even meet him. I know, especially on my part, this will be an incredibly emotional experience."