SPECULATION is growing that government could introduce tougher rules to combat Covid-19.

During the third national lockdown people are required to stay indoors unless leaving for work or essential shopping. They can also meet one other person outside and exercise.

But, according to the Daily Telegraph, the prime minister spoke with senior ministers on Sunday to evaluate whether the current lockdown rules were working as coronavirus case numbers – as well as the death toll – continues to soar.

Tougher restrictions could include people having to wear masks in outdoor places – such as queues for supermarkets – as well as stopping people meeting one other person outside from a different bubble. 

Here’s what you told us on Facebook...

Chez Mackenzie: “I think only one person from a household should do the weekly shop and a carer or helper shop for the vulnerable. 

“For those who are single parents and have to take their kids then maybe shop online but introduce free delivery? Just a suggestion.”

Sarah Maddock: “Why aren’t people wearing masks when stood in queues currently? 

“People are moaning about lockdowns and Covid-19 and are wanting to blame the government but maybe they should be looking closer to home and actually follow very simple rules.”

Maria Phillips: “When are we going to get the fast-track tests for people who have to go out to work. 

“It’s available to all authorities?”

Wayne Pryor: “I’m having to drive past three Tesco stores simply to get to a store that has click and collect spaces available.”

Tors Parker: “Need to stop all work except essential.

“Some construction workers aren’t essential. If it doesn’t need doing, stay at home. 

“Supermarkets are packed with people browsing about instead of getting there for food and leaving. 

“They are letting too many people in at once. No one is following the social distancing rules. 

“Non-essential shops are open in town like the American Candy shop. How is that essential?”

Suzie Stiles: “Are half the shops that are open really that essential? There’s too much browsing going on.

“Plus should cafes and coffee shops even be open when it just encourages people to queue up and hang around? I’m presuming we all have working kettles at home?”

“I fully appreciate going out for exercise and meeting one person for said exercise is allowed and is good for your mental health but is socialising and sitting on park benches, drinking coffee or chatting the best idea?”

Jeanette Etherington: “They need to close all non-essential shops, even those that can offer click and collect. 

“If you have internet access to reserve click and collect then surely the goods needed can be delivered? 

“Also, close manufacturing and construction, what I don’t get is workers can mix with thousands of other employees yet I can’t see my 85-year-old dad in the garden? It makes no sense.

“I totally get that lockdown is needed but there are so many cars on the road compared to the first lockdown.”

Christian Smith: “This isn’t a lockdown. More people on the roads. Too many shops open.”

Lorenzo Gomez: “The queue at the car wash in Stratton yesterday was out onto the road. How is that essential? But you can’t blame the business if they are allowed to open and you can’t blame the public for using a service that’s open. 

“It would be worse if the government told them to open but they had no customers. But if they are eligible not to open, then they shouldn’t be open.”

Joy Lyons: “Stop people taking kids shopping, like they did last March. Sanitise hands before entering shops, some people aren’t bothering anymore. 

“And if you’re exempt from wearing a mask, you have to have proof otherwise you’re not permitted entry. 

“Close all non-essential shops. McDonald’s is still open for drive-thru, why? The queue is mad, so are all those people are driving to get food when they do delivery.”