A CAMPAIGN for a new pavement in Liden aims to make life easier for Swindon's hospital workers.

The muddy path in the spotlight runs from White Edge Moor to Okebourne Park – a well-used route for staff travelling to and from the Great Western Hospital and parents with children attending Liden Primary School. 

Conservative councillor Bazil Solomon is seeking funding from the local authority.

He said: “Liden needs a new pavement, so the more we talk about it, the bigger it will be. This needs to happen, the borough council needs to take its land and build a pavement.

“It’s ridiculous as mothers use it with schoolchildren and so do nurses. They need to walk on a proper path but it’s waterlogged and muddy. It’s been too long and it’s been like it for too many years so this is a high priority."

He added: “When they originally did the pavement they filled the path with stones and they have washed away so that’s what people are walking on. They just need to build on it and grass over it – or find another bit of land which is a straight line across the road to the Great Western Hospital.

“We want a pavement for Liden for families to walk on. It’s a cycle and walking route for Swindon people so we need them to be able to use it.”

People living in the area have been walking on the unpaved area for years. 
One of them, Gary Honhold, said: “Originally it was a dirt track but now everybody uses it. It gets really rough for dog walkers and people have tripped up. 

“I just don’t understand why the developers didn’t put a pavement on the original plan. I don’t know how they got away with it. 

"They probably didn’t want pedestrians to use Liden Drive but things change. It’s an absolute eyesore, it’s just ridiculous. 

Gary, 64, has lived in Liden for years and feels the council have ignored the issue.

“Only one person can walk on it as it’s a narrow track so you can’t socially distance,” he added. “But all it needs is concrete on top of it and the pavement widened so it’s a cycle path too. 

“There is concrete on one side of the road and the other side is just dirt. It’s not so bad when it’s frozen but it’s dangerous and a trip hazard.  

"You don’t stop on one side and then carry on with the other. Maybe they ran out of money but it doesn’t need a lot of money spent on it and it will be done. 

"It would make a lot of people happier.”

Conservative candidate for Liden, Eldene and Park South Curtis Flux: said “Over various months I’ve run various projects but the pavement campaign is something I wanted to back. I think it’s a great idea and I’m more than happy to support it. Hopefully this will push the local council and parish to get funding.

“We want it to be cycle friendly and safe for local residents especially as I support road safety. There have been a few issues on speeding in the area, with Liden Drive in particular and with children and the school just up the road, the poor pavement and lack of path edge is a perfect storm for an accident. 

“The aim is to improve and resurface the path so we want to secure funding to make it safe for Liden residents. It will be a positive improvement and it’s what residents want so I fully support it.”