NHS England has published a breakdown of coronavirus vaccinations by age and region for the first time.

The data shows that, of the 2,371,407 jabs given between December 8 and January 10, including both first and second doses, 285,332 were in the South West - and 50,224 of these were second doses.

In the rest of England, 447,329 doses were given in the Midlands, 433,045 in the North East and Yorkshire, 318,445 in the North West, 411,257 in the South East, 237,524 in London and 236,023 in the East of England.

In total in England, 1,036,605 people aged 80 or over have received a first dose, while 960,699 were given to those under 80.

The following figures are the estimated percentage of over-80s in each region of England who have received the first doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

They are based on the number of first doses given to the 80-plus age group from December 8 to January 10, as published by NHS England, and combined with population data from the Office for National Statistics.

North-east England & Yorkshire: 49%

South-west England 37%

North-west England 36%

South-east England 36%

Midlands 35%

London 31%

Eastern England 30%