A TAEKWONDO champion is keeping other mums fit after gyms were forced to close again.

Katie Lewis started the sport when she was 14-years-old, and she ended up on The Tae Kwon-Do Association of Great Britain team and became a world champion.

The mum of two-year-old Hattie uses her skills to help other parents keep fit while they are stuck at home.

Katie of Victoria Drive in Lyneham said: “I wanted to pass my knowledge, what I learned and what I benefited from fitness onto other people.

“I was doing international Taekwondo, I had to do training six days a week with the England squad, and I got to fight across the world. I won the championships and became a world champion in 2016, I got the heavyweight black belt ladies sparring, and our team became the international world champions.

“I teach my own junior classes in Devizes and I still take part in the sport but with the lockdowns, I haven’t been able to do that, so I’ve been using this time to keep my fitness levels up. I decided to take on the role of fitness trainer at Sweaty Mama for Royal Wootton Bassett and that’s for mums and babies.”

It means that she gets to spend time with her toddler and keep fit while helping others through this third lockdown.

But it has done more than helping others to exercise, it has also helped their mental health.

“Already it's had a massive impact on the women getting involved and it's had an impact on myself," Katie said.

"Even Hattie has made new friends her age which is really important with everything going on and us having to stay indoors.

"I couldn't find anything like this around, I'm shy myself and I'm not confident with going to groups and going up to people to talk. I have no friends who had a baby at the same time as me either, so I think this group is really important as it gives that support network to mums."

She's been a part of Sweaty Mama since October but the group she runs to get mums and their children moving virtually started this week.

Katie said: "They have loved it especially as they get to meet other mums, once we're done with the fitness side of things, we do a coffee morning over Zoom.

"We get to help each other out as well as exercise, Hattie had lactose intolerance as a baby, we didn't get any support and it took a while to find out what it was. A mum in the group is going through the same, I am able to support her and help her with the situation."

Three different classes run across the week for those who want to keep fit and for those wanting to get involved can contact Katie Lewis PT on Facebook.