Adver readers have called for more effort to save the Oasis after urban explorers broke into the empty leisure centre.

YouTubers Kirbz Vidz recorded their hour-long exploration earlier this month.

In the video the duo showcase a number of familiar aspects at the Oasis including its Lagoon Pool, Domebusters slides and tennis courts.

Operator GLL and Swindon Borough Council leader David Renard condemned the actions which saw police called on January 5 but no action was taken.

The site closed last November after the second national lockdown and has remained dormant ever since.

On Facebook, a number of readers shared their memories of the leisure centre and lamented the state it was left in.

Tomi Looker-Jones said: “A solution has to be found to save this unique day-out.

“I took my toddler for the first time one half term and we were so excited about returning.”

Dionne Gordon added: “Don’t condone it but was nice to see a video of what it used to look like especially as I had last visited about 30 plus years ago.

“Such a pity it’s just been left and that’s end of Oasis.”

And Claire Davis said: “As a kid it was a brilliant place to go. Happy memories of my grandparents taking my brother and I.

“Just like the water slides at Gloucester swimming pool. All gone. Where is the fun now?”

Other readers were not so kind on the two urban explorers, suggesting it could encourage more people to enter the site.

Keana Marsh said: “They won’t have been the first, nor the last.

“Perhaps if they don’t want people breaking in they should reopen it.

And Mihai Tantau added: “They should be found and fined for breaching the Covid restrictions.

“If the place is be left unattended it will be easy target for graffiti and other criminal damage.

“What a shame, I really loved to take my kid there.”

But Charlotte Mackenzie disagreed saying: “Not like they robbed from the place. They were only showing what everyone wants to see old days at Oasis brings back good times.”

Rob Berry believes the emphasis should be put on the state of the site, not the two explorers.

He said: “Shame it got left to fall into its awful state, should be focused on that rather than some guys having a walk around the mess.”

In December the Adver launched its campaign to save the leisure centre and asked the people of Swindon to support it.

One way this could be done is by declaring the Oasis an asset of community value.

The Co-operative Party has put in the declaration to Swindon Borough Council and, if accepted, it would mean the centre could not be disposed of immediately if either landlord Seven Capital or the local authority decides it doesn’t want it anymore.

Readers can write to councillors and the two Swindon MPs about the issue with letters adding the weight of public opinion to the efforts to save the leisure centre.