A COUPLE who have been forced to postpone their wedding twice say they are being left out of pocket by government rules.

Debbie Black and fiancé Peppino Palmeri are among the thousands of people across the country whose nuptials have been thrown into turmoil by the pandemic.

They paid £35 each for a marriage licence ahead of the big day they had planned for May 2 last year – a date subsequently moved to November 7 because of lockdown.

Again, their hopes of tying the knot in 2020 were dashed and they are hoping it will be third time lucky at The Wood Norton, Evesham, on July 3.

But the Walcot couple's licence will have expired by then as it is only valid within 12 months of giving notice.

Debbie said: “It’s not fair we should have to pay as it’s not our fault the wedding has not gone ahead. The registry office got hold of us to let us know we would have to pay again.

“I know it’s only £70 but it’s the principle."

Debbie has emailed prime minster Boris Johnson and South Swindon MP Robert Buckland to highlight the issue, which is likely to affect many others.

She believes as vehicle MOTs and driving licences have been extended, the same should apply for weddings.

“I’ve already had to change dated stuff three times and the wedding favours, which are little hearts, and now this," said Debbie. "We have had to pay out loads more which was a kick in the teeth. 

She added: “And what is saying it won’t be cancelled again? We’re more hopeful now there is a vaccine. We’ve had to downsize but we’re still going to go ahead because we just want to be married. 

“If we have got to take paperwork in to sort the licence out, that’s not a problem, but not to repay. 

“I’m quite crafty so with the invites I had to redo them myself because of the date. I have done lots of the decorations but with a lot of it, the other brides may have had lots to do. 

Debbie has had to book three photographers and although she’s had a refund for each, she has paid more each time. Her hen night became a meal for six. 

She and Peppino are currently planning the wedding with 60 guests, providing the restrictions have been lifted later on this year.

She added: “I don’t know what more I can do. I’m sure I’m not the only one having this problem, there must be thousands out there in the same boat."