Luke Reid made a T-Riffic effort to liven up his home schooling sessions by dressing up as a dinosaur.

The youngster of Royal Wootton Bassett Academy wore his T-Rex suit to cheer himself up and succeeded in giving his class mates and teachers a giggle.

And his idea inspired the school to run a fancy dress day every Friday while the children learn from home.

The year 11 student said: “I was talking to my friend about how to make school more fun and that’s when I mentioned the dinosaur costume, so I put it on and my mum sent pictures into the school.

“It was fun but it was hard to see because the suit is very big. My head of year seemed to love it, they posted it on the Facebook and Instagram.

“I’m so happy I inspired people to have a bit of fun and to find a way to enjoy quarantine," he said. "I struggle to learn at home, it’s better when I’m at school and being in that learning environment, so doing this makes it a bit more fun.”

His mum Jacky was overwhelmed by the response her son received after the school posted the pictures online.

There were more than 200 reactions on Facebook and many people commented how much they loved his costume.

Jacky said: “He struggled in the first lockdown, he’s better at it now and the school has been very supportive. When he came down in his costume, I could see it boosted his spirits and made him more engaged. The feedback we got is amazing, it cheered everyone up and it’s given Luke a confidence boost.”

The first theme was crazy hair and back to front upside-down day - meaning students were able to be a little crazy with their costume ideas.

Pupils dressed up as a clown, in multi-coloured wigs and different hairstyles.

Head of year 11 David Storey put blonde pigtails on his head for the day.

He said: “We’ve been doing a lot of live lessons with students which have been going really well. The photo was sent to me and it was a lovely message to get.

“It’s fantastic, it’s lovely to see him embracing the learning online in such a fun way. In these times we need a little bit of laughter in our lives, it helps with morale for students and the staff.”

The headteacher Anita Ellis dressed up as Merida from Brave.

She said: “Most students are very shy about going on camera and this dress up has helped them have a bit of fun and want to appear on camera.

“We mustn’t forget that we should also be checking on students and making sure they’re okay, sometimes you just need to see each other face-to-face.”