Bus station toilets now unisex

Not a new subject admittedly – the men’s are still closed but it seems that the ladies toilets have now become unisex i.e. shared.

Surely unacceptable, albeit fewer passengers currently.

I have repeatedly requested a reason for the above; it has been seriously suggested that passengers use the toilets at M&S (really?) or in the Brunel Centre; at least a 5-6 minute walk each way to and fro.

So, are the bus drivers supposed to wait while their passengers trundle to and from these areas?

Promised an explanation from SBC for the continued closure; still waiting.

I hereby invite Mr Renard to inform me exactly what I may expect for the proposed and inevitable council tax increase imminently.

So, my bins emptied once a fortnight; £50 extra p.a. of course for my green bin. Continued closure of libraries so no facility to browse within.

No public toilets either in Old Town.

Countless roadworks with ever increasing lack of workforce.

Forget the vanity project of a bus boulevard, just use that money towards building a new hospital.

The shambles of this administration continues.

Rodney J M Wirdnam

Whilestone Way

Domestic abusers rely on silence

THIS week Covid turned my visit to the Women's Aid Refuge in Swindon‎ into a virtual one.

Nevertheless that fuelled my determination to help victims of domestic abuse.

Everyone should be safe in their own home.

Sadly this time of year sees a spike in domestic violence‎ and Covid lockdowns makes this worse.

That is why I really welcome the new Ask for ANI (Action Needed Immediately) campaign.

In Boots and other participating pharmacies across Wiltshire and Swindon,‎ those being abused at home can simply ask any member of staff for Ani.

When they do, they will be taken to a private space and given a phone to speak to specially trained Police or domestic violence advice workers.

Abusers rely on their victims' silence and those who suspect abuse turning a blind eye.

That must change.

By making it easy for those facing domestic abuse to be heard and be confident that the authorities will then act, we can ensure victims access the help they need.

Liz Webster

Liberal Democrat Prospective Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon

Precept consultation just a fig leaf

Police and Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson, not for the first time tells your readers there is no alternative other than to impose a precept increase double the rate of inflation.

His nigh on seven per cent demand is accompanied by the usual 'consultation process' which is nothing more than a fig leaf to cover his embarrassment in failing, also not for the first time, to secure adequate funding from the government.

Something he admits to when suggesting he is frustrated at Wiltshire receiving one of the lowest government grants for policing.

But no one should be at all surprised, after all Angus is first and foremost a Conservative politician, and a political appointee, and his frustration with central government, a n administration formed by HIS Party, is taken out on the people of Wiltshire, as he goes about picking the pockets of Wiltshire residents.

Sadly, I imagine his successor, irrespective of their political banner will be cast from the same mould.

Des Morgan

Caraway Drive