REPAIRS to a road in the Parks have sparked anger. 

Matthew French has hit out at the council for the way they have repaired five potholes in Cairstairs Avenue this month, saying the job will need to be done again in only a few months time. 

The Park South man insists the surface of the road should have been replaced, but instead workers have only filled the potholes.

“It’s absolutely disgusting,” said Mathew, who lives at Kemerton Walk. 

“They need to do it properly. Then they’ll only have to do it once and won’t have to touch it again for 10 years. 

"But it seems the council only wants to spend a pound and stick some chewing gum in."
Matthew complained workers did not clean up afterwards, leaving behind excess grit in the gutter. 

“Typically they don’t bother to clean the gutter out where all the grit has been left,” he said. 

"As soon as we get a bit of ice or rain, that will mix with the grit and just grind those holes out again. 

“You give it a month or so and what they've used to fill the holes will be back out again. I’d fed up with it."

The cable assembly operator, who has lived in the area for 10 years, said the entire Carstairs Avenue surface needs attention. 

“The guys who come round need to be retrained and told how to do it properly,” Mathew said. 

“It’s typical of Swindon Borough Council. They always seem to repair the areas that don’t need repairing and build brand new roads, but ignore the bit with a 40mm hole in that’s dangerous. I don’t get it.”

Matthew added: “They just think it’s only Park North and Park South. They don’t need a quality job doing. There’s no care and attention whatsoever.

“The other excuse is they haven’t got the money. This is nothing to do with money. It’s a health and safety issue.”

A Swindon Borough Council spokesman said: “We do not prioritise certain areas over others when it comes to pothole repairs. When a pothole over 40mm deep is identified, we attempt to make it safe within 24 hours.

“It is not possible to visit all potholes and carry out a complete patched repair so, instead, we simply fill the pothole to keep the area safe as a temporary measure. When necessary, we do revisit and carry out patch repairs at a later date.
“We visited Carstairs Avenue on Tuesday morning and ensured the pothole was filled correctly and that the road was swept of any debris.”