A RADIO station is providing two councillors with a platform to discuss concerns members of Swindon's black and Asian communities have over access to health services.

Councillors Junab Ali and Abdul Amin now have a regular slot on Swindon 105.5 after hearing worrying feedback from people in the town.

“This is a national as well as local concern," said station manager Shirley Ludford. “We want to encourage confidence in individuals within our black and Asian communities to recognise, acknowledge and seek appropriate medical help and to discuss key issues and barriers with health organisations.

"We would also be pleased to offer the proposed new task force, as mentioned in the Swindon Advertiser, the opportunity to profile their work, on air and helping get key findings and messages out more widely.”

The two borough councillors had their debut discussion on Monday afternoon in a new programme presented by Nigerian trainee Presenter Zeenab.

For further details or to contribute to programming, contact Shirley on 01793 611555.