These are the faces of the two County Lines dealers who peddled crack cocaine and heroin in Swindon.

Londoners Nathan Dawkins, 37, and Kelsey Schafer-Nolan, 24, were jailed for seven years and nine months and two years and four months respectively.

You can read out report from that court hearing here.

Following the case, PC Gareth Snoad of Wiltshire Police said:  "Nathan Dawkins had a leading role in the supply of class A drugs from London into Swindon for many months - exploiting vulnerable people through their addiction; whilst Kelsey Schafer-Nolan also benefited from her involvement in this crime.

"I am pleased with these sentences and hopefully they reflect the severity of the actions of these two and the impact this crime has on many vulnerable people.

"County Lines drugs supply is a national problem and needs to be continually targeted as it affects everyone within our communities.

"We - as a force - are committed to tackling County Lines and will continue to target those involved in the supply of class A drugs within our county, our towns and our villages."