A PLAN for new homes will see thousands of trees and shrubs springing up around Blunsdon.

Developer Hayfield plans to grow 4,755 native plants in the historic centre of the village as part of a new woodland.

A total of 573 trees will be planted as the £30 million development programme progresses. The woodland will stretch to well over an acre and create a natural landscape buffer with the neighbouring 13th Century St Leonard’s Church.

The fast-growing native species selected for the new woodland includes field maple, silver birch, hornbeam and wild cherry trees. 

Larger species like oak and Small Leaved Lime trees will be planted across public open space in areas where they can grow to their full potential.

Along with the new vegetation, the Hayfield Wood development includes 70 homes, a community shop, cafe and wildflower meadow off Sams Lane.

The housing scheme has been designed around an array of mature trees that are being retained and incorporated within the 16-acre site.

Planning director Mark Gay said: “The creation of a new woodland at our Broad Blunsdon development represents our most ambitious planting scheme to date. 
“Hayfield Wood is very different to a typical new build project, as it incorporates a large community shop and café, and the layout of the 70 homes is highly sensitive to the position of the existing mature trees. 
“By planting 4,755 native trees and shrubs, we will be creating a new habitat for wildlife and an inspiring outlook for all the properties in the area.

“There has been a lot of new development in this part of Wiltshire and from the outset Hayfield has set out to elevate every aspect of this scheme from the competition.”

The house designs are being constructed in a mix of red brick and reconstituted stone.

The developer claims that these designs were inspired by traditional properties in the village on Swindon’s outskirts and came from thorough analysis of existing high-quality architecture in the area.

Some buyers had already reserved and secured new homes for themselves on the site before the development was open to the public.

Mr Gay added: “The design, specification and landscaping radiate quality, creating outstanding homes that will sit at the heart of the community and nature, which is a key attribute of Hayfield’s Green Revolution pledge.”