Lockdown restrictions to non-essential retailers have hit hard the sector with some of the UK's biggest high street names having to shut.

Retail empire Arcadia, owner of Topshop and Dorothy Perkins, Debenhams, Laura Ashley and Edinburgh Woollen Mill entered administration over the past few months.

Online retailers have bought brands with plans to move them online resulting in job losses and suggesting the pandemic has had an irreversible impact on UK retail.

Asos bought Topshop and Miss Selfridge while Boohoo bought Debenhams with both online retailers revealing plans to move business online.

PM Boris Johnson is expected to reveal his road map out of lockdown today.

He has said the easing of restrictions in England will happen in “stages” and the reopening of schools remain the priority.

We asked you which shop you are most looking forward to visiting when they reopen.

Here’s what you told us on Facebook...

Mariana Araujo: “This might sound silly but I am dying for leggings Primark.”

Stacey Wilson: “I have vouchers for Primark and I need some new work clothes however I will not be going straight away as I know how busy it will be and I’ll be working anyway.”

Liz Woodman: “When I feel safe, I will go to Primark, I will wait until the rush is over.”

Suzanne Stoneham: “None. Days out with the kids would be more beneficial to us.”

Sheila Harper: “Primary for kids’ clothes and charity shops to drop stuff off and buy stuff too.”

Sonia Ellis: “I don’t think I will go to town again, not many shops left to go to.”

Gary Boris Pollock: “No need and no reason to go into a dead town centre.”

Chris Williamson: “None - I am a man and most town centre shops seem to be for women .... no idea why.”

Emma Preston: “None as it’s not even worth going now!

“The town centre was going down hill before the lockdowns and even worse now!”

Linda Lee: “A coffee shop where I can sit and chat to my friends.”

Charlie Castle: “I’ll be going to Bristol , Cardiff, Birmingham, Leamington Spa, Shrewsbury , Kingston upon Thames, Colchester, Nottingham.

“Shopping is my main hobby in life, just not in Swindon.”

Andrew Little: “Not looking forward to any non-essential shops reopening after lockdown, because there are no decent shops to go to.”

Catherine Waterfield: “There’s nothing worth schlepping into town any more, it’s all charity shops and empty units.

“I miss going to the cafes in Gorse Hill though.”

Paul Francome: “It would be nice to just sit in a coffee shop, relax and read a book.”

Jeremy Farmer: “None at all, I get all I need and want on the internet - No hassle and no crowds.”

Shirley Burnett: “Hairdresser and barber and just to be able to go out again will be really good rather than having to shield.”

Karen Ford: “None I’ve been shopping on line or I’ll go to Bristol when they open.”

Lianne Clarke: “None, there’s no shops in town, only coffee shops and barber’s shops.

“ Swindon town centre is absolutely rubbish. 30 years ago, there were many shops. You would spend all day in town ,it was great back then, not now it’s a hole.”

Simon Godowski: “I will always go to either Cheltenham or Cabbot Circus in Bristol.

“It’s the rent of the shops in our town centre that makes the shops empty for months/years.”

Matthew Strange: "Surely it would have been safer to have kept everything open instead of forcing people to cram into a limited amount of shops, leading to everyone being close together instead of spreading out?"

Steven Hunt: "None, we haven’t even got a town centre anymore."