Pub and bar owners across Swindon have complained about a lack of clarity from the government when it comes to reopening after the latest Covid lockdown. 

Boris Johnson is set to reveal his roadmap out of lockdown today but reports suggest he will only be focusing on reopening schools and allowing more social contact between households. 

It remains to be seen when pubs, cafes, restaurants and bars could reopen. 

The Bank owner Manni Madhani wants to see more clarity for the government and believes it blames hospitality for the spread of Covid-19.

He said: "Not knowing what we can and can't do is a tough situation. 

"It feels like we're not being taken into account and we're being blamed for the spread of the virus. 

"I'm yet to hear of a case that's come out of my business and as I've said before, you may as well be in a nightclub when you're at a supermarket. They're just not confident we have it under control on our premises.

"We're frustrated that they're not discussing us. I don't know if I'll be able to remain open after this year, it's a big financial stress on me.

"We've had no clarity on where we stand, no clarity on any further support and it's just not knowing."

Alun Rossiter, who owns the Southbrook Inn, believes if pubs do reopen, they should reopen fully.

The Swindon speedway legend said: "It's quite heavy on everyone, we're not earning any money, we've had to find other ways and get other jobs. 

"I'm hearing, realistically, May but I'm sick of hearing rumours pubs could open and not sell alcohol, that's like going to a petrol station and not being able to buy petrol.

"People aren't going to sit outside, we're not Spain, so until we can open up fully it's not worth opening up."