LEARNER drivers are still left waiting to know when they can get back behind the wheel. 

In the roadmap released by Boris Johnson, non-essential businesses such as shops, hairdressers and driving schools can restart no earlier than April 12. 

Magnus Painter, who runs his own driving school in Swindon, believes driving should be classed as essential education – which reopens on March 8 – but admits social distancing will guide he can start teaching again.

He said: “We’re still in lockdown so I’m unable to work and will be until the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency inform us otherwise.

“As far as I’m aware we’re classified as the same as non-essential so we probably won’t be back until the middle of April.

“But it’s essential education and there’s possibly a call for us to be back sooner, but social distancing measures will dictate because you have to share a car with a student.

“We have to go with the science like everyone else. 

"It’s frustrating but it’s there for a reason.”

And when lessons do come back, Magnus – who is also the chairman of Stratton Juniors FC – believes there will be a lot of young people wanting to get back on the roads.

He added: “All my students have been fantastic, they understand the rules and regulations. 

“I’ve seen people out their teaching but the biggest problem you’ll get is the massive backlog of students. 

“I’ve got 50 on my books and I usually have 30. And when it comes to tests there will be a backlog of about six to eight months.

“They’re taking on new examiners to try and clear that backlog but by the time they’re trained that won’t be until August.”

Most Adver readers were please to hear that driving lessons and tests could be restarting in April, with many tagging friends and family members about the news. 

Isabella Cinquegrani said: “Get me driving.”

Toni Hull added: “Thank God. I can’t wait.”

Mike Jones revealed how long he had been on the test waiting list. He said: “I’ve been waiting to do my test for three months, will have to wait probably another three. 

“I work in Cirencester and live in Swindon.”

But others weren’t so keen on the idea of driving being classed as essential. 

Adam Poole said: “In what way are they essential? People can easily wait a few weeks or months but if someone dies from Covid that is permanent.”