THOUSANDS of pounds-worth of coronavirus fines were handed out to house party revellers over the weekend. 

Deputy Chief Constable Paul Mills said news of more house parties would be "incredibly frustrating" to the majority who were following the rules. 

"We will not tolerate these blatant breaches and will quickly move to enforcement in these incidences where people selfishly believe the law does not apply to them," he said.

New rules, which came into force last month, allow police to issued £800 fines to those found in a gathering of more than 15 people. House party organisers risk being given £10,000 fines. 

We look at some of the recent parties broken up by Wiltshire Police in the past four weeks.

Barnum Court, Rodbourne

Police said they were called to an address in Barnum Court, off Rodbourne Road, in the early hours of Sunday, February 21. 

When officers found a party inside, they issued nine people with £200 fines. Those fined were aged between 24 and 55. 

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Barnum Court, Rodbourne Picture: GOOGLE

Yersin Court, Old Town 

Later that same morning, on Sunday, officers were called to a flat in the Okus development on the site of the old Princess Margaret Hospital. 

They found a group of people drinking and playing loud music. Nine people, aged 21 to 44, were given £200 fines. 

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Hughes Street, Rodbourne

On the afternoon of Sunday, February 21, seven people were each fined £200 after police found them at a barbecue at a house in Rodbourne. 

The people fined were aged between 30 and 43, Wiltshire Police said. 

Rutland Road, Park North

Nine people were fined on February 13 when police found them at a 30th birthday party in Park North.

Two of the guests had travelled from the Nottingham area to attend the gathering. The other seven were from Swindon.

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A still from police bodyworn footage of the party Picture: WILTSHIRE POLICE

Rutland Road neighbours called the police and when officers arrived, they found loud music playing, disco lights shining, and a buffet which included food, a birthday cake and alcohol.

Seven men and two women, all aged between 23 and 35, received £200 fixed penalty notices.

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Shears Drive, Amesbury

Officers broke up a house party in Shears Drive, Amesbury, on February 1.

Nine adults, aged between 20 and 44 and all from Amesbury or Salisbury, were each given £200 fines. Police said there was also a child at the barbecue.

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Police image from the Amesbury party Picture: WILTSHIRE POLICE

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Primrose Close, Haydon Wick

£800 fines were doled out to the 23 people caught at a birthday barbecue in Haydon Wick in late January.

One officer’s body-worn video camera captured his eye-opening conversation with the homeowner who had organised the party.