A NEW five-mile nature route is nearly complete for walkers to enjoy in the town.

The Green Corridor trail being developed by the South Swindon Parish Council starts at Shaftesbury Lake in Park South and finishes at Cambria Bridge play area.

It's been slightly delayed by the pandemic but the parish is aiming to have it open by the summer.

Chairman Chris Watts said: “I’m really pleased with the progress and all the drainage work done, especially in this weather.

“It will open up the southern side of Swindon for greater access for people.”

The route will run from Shaftesbury Lake through Coate Water, along a trail from Broome Manor Lane to Pipers Way, past East Wichel, the Old Town Railway Line and Canal.

Wildlife working party chairman Linda Kasmaty said: “With the Green Corridor walk we have been doing the surface and getting rid of leaves so there has been huge work being done.

“Before lockdown walking was the latest thing people were doing more of and it’s even more popular now.

"We’re doing all sorts of things to make the environment better – the rewilding community gardens project, the Green Corridor and lots of Thamesdown trails,” she added.

“It was a boggy route so it required lots of work but now it will be an all-weather path. It has taken slightly longer than anticipated but we’re really pleased with the progress.

“What’s been done has been amazing. From a really rough track to a path, it’s really good to have a new walking route.”

Boards with information about the surrounding area are yet to go in and an app with an online map is going to be available.

Coun Watts added: “Historians have been using their knowledge to help us which has been great and there has been a lot of interest.”

“The nature route with the historic railway track joins up Swindon in an exciting way. It’s really good to see it coming on and by summer we should be almost there.”