Today is a special one because I am waiting for a package to arrive that could change my whole outlook on life - and quite literally.

I’ve even got in a special supply of bananas for the occasion.

Last year I wrote about the peculiar view of the world you have if, like me, you are colourblind.

And when I mentioned it again, the other week, a company called EnChroma contacted me to say they make glasses that ‘alleviate the symptoms of colourblindness’, and would I like to try a pair?

You bet I would.

I realised I was colourblind one day at school, when I was about nine years old.

For some reason, everybody in my class had been asked to draw a dog, and when my book came back after marking, my teacher had written ‘GREEN?’ beside my dog, in big letters (red, presumably).

Yes, I had drawn a green dog, which is not surprising when you understand that, in my eyes, they generally are that colour.

I took the test on the EnChroma website to confirm that I am what they call a ‘strong protan’, which basically means I don’t see red as vividly as ordinary people.

But it’s not just about red. It has a knock-on effect with most colours, such as blue and purple, which are one and the same colour to me, as are certain shades of light green and yellow.

And that’s where the bananas come in.

Apart from when they have been hanging around in the bowl for too long and have started to go black, all the bananas I have ever seen in the world are the same colour.

So I suspected my wife of witchcraft when she first told me she can tell whether a banana is ripe or not, just by looking at it, thanks to her amazing ability of seeing whether it is green or yellow.

So anyway, the glasses are in the post, and I am intrigued, if a little sceptical.

Despite what most people think, there is no cure for colourblindness, because without replacing my retinas, my eyes will never be sensitive enough to detect wavelengths with the accuracy necessary to provide me with a full range of colours.

And, to be fair to EnChroma, they don’t claim their glasses are a cure.

But they do suggest the enhanced and more contrasted colours I should be able to see through their lenses will provide ‘a richer experience of the world’.

That is enough to make me pretty excited about what the postman is going to bring.

And just in case they do provide enough correction to my vision to be able to differentiate between bananas for the first time, I have been to the supermarket with my wife, and she has chosen some green ones and some yellow ones, by way of a test.

So we shall see. Or at least I will - and I’ll let you know what I see, next week.