NEIGHBOURS on a town centre street say there are more parking permits than available spaces.

People living along Dixon Street struggle to find a spot to keep their cars and are often given tickets after stopping on double-yellow lines as a last resort.

One homeowner who did not wish to be named said: "It's terrible. Every night I can’t park, and had two tickets for parking in my own street. If you come after 4pm or on the weekend, you will not get a space.

"There is plenty of room to park on both sides of the road but that's not allowed and someone has come out giving tickets every day since I’ve made a complaint.

"I have lived here since January but have spoken to lots of people who have lived here for 10 years and they say parking has got worse.

"Removing some of the double yellows near the graveyard or being able to park on both sides of the road would help."

A Swindon Borough Council spokesman said: “The council changed its residents’ zone parking policy at the request of residents and landlords after they complained that the one permit per property rule was not enough for most households.

“Now we have a situation where most households have two cars and, unfortunately, demand for spaces far outweighs supply.

"We cannot make the streets wider to accommodate additional vehicles or create more spaces while maintaining safe streets.

“However, resident parking permit holders who buy an overnight parking ticket in a car park next to their residents’ zone, which would normally be valid between 6pm and 6am, can park until 9am for no additional payment.

"Residents who display a valid resident parking permit can park in a car park, between 10pm and 8am, in their zone without the need to purchase a pay-and-display ticket.

To find out more about residents’ parking zones and where residents can park, visit