LINE of Dutu's series finale airs tonight - and Adver readers had plenty of predictions about how it will all end.

The identity of the mysterious mastermind known as H or the fourth man is likely to be revealed, so you gave us some of your final guesses.

Janette Dunne said: "It's either Steve Arnott or Carmichael."

Sean Quinn suggested it would be DC Nigel Morton, who was played by Neil Morrissey in previous years.

Sophie Waring-Jones said: "If it's one of the long term ones, like Steve or Hastings, I hope they replay all the things to throw us off track that they did! Can't wait!!"

Pete Foster said Hastings won't die but Josh Osak thinks he will.

David Midwinter guessed: "Bannerji. Series one. He befriended Ryan as a kid."

Dave Woods gave a detailed prediction: "Osborne is definitely or definately top of the police corruption ring (goes back to Series 1 and the bungled terrorist raid), Thurwell is OCG chief who's been running things from the Costa del Crime in Spain (James Nesbitt isn't dead).
"Thurwell and Osborne have previous links.
"Carmicheal is either just a jobsworth doing what Osborne tells her or she's in her pocket having had a previous relationship.
"Hastings will suffer a heart attack (getting all too much with forced retirement) but survive.
"The two "Cell Block H" guards will get their comeuppance.
"Chloe will be key at solving one of the major elements."

Bernadette Howell said: "Absolutely no idea and will probably have to watch the series at least another twice to get the complete picture."

Kate Maggs suggested that her namesake Kate was behind it all.

The seventh and final episode of series six - and possibly the entire show- airs at 9pm on BBC One.