THE local elections are less than a week away - Swindon goes to the polls on May 6.

Politicians around the borough are vying for your vote but what are the issues most important to Swindonians?

The Adver asked you to tell us about the biggest problems that need solving and key topics that need to be addressed.

AMY FRANCIS: "The problem as ever is that politicians seem ever so concerned in the lead up to elections.

"You don't hear from them for ages, then election time comes and they are all to be heard.

"They go all out to show they care about communities, promise these great ideas and support then, when elected, all that was promised seems to be forgotten.

"Would be nice for a politician to actually want to serve its community and do for the greater good than just to get elected and gave status."

COLIN JONES: "No party politics - serve the residents, not a party."

PATRICK CONNOLLY: "Fly tipping/littering, slum landlords, the roads, and - instead of cash benefits - give vouchers for food, accommodation, utilities to help those that can’t prioritise their spending.

"This would stop food bank use and children going without food overnight."

DANIEL TILEY: "Recruit senior members to fill roles they are qualified for, i.e. an education secretary with a diploma in education."

Michael Hardy: "A comprehensive plan on how to invest and regenerate our town.

"A masterplan to regenerate our town for shops (including independents), a new theatre, the arts, etc.

"Not pie-in-the-sky plans either. A sensible, achievable plan.

"Also, repair the potholes!"

JENNY SMITH: "Sorting out noisey neighbours who like playing music at any time they see fit. "

DAN WALLER: "To not waste millions of pounds on a roundabout that was perfectly fine in the first place.

"Put the money into the community and adult social care."

ZOE THOMAS: "To be honest, I'd rather they stopped acting like spoiled brats and started setting a good example of how to treat people with respect and kindness.

"OK, so they may not agree with each others' opinions but being rude to each other, telling lies about other parties and politicians, and disagreeing with policies just because it wasn't their idea is what is holding our country back.

"In almost every other aspect of life, we are constantly told that collaboration is the key to success.

"It's about time our politicians started to work together for the good of the nation instead of just fighting each other and hurling insults.

"If they were children in a school playground, they'd be up in front of the head and facing a spell in detention."

APRIL REYNOLDS: "Cracking down harder on fly tippers and sorting out the millions of holes in the roads. There's more hole than road in so many areas its ridiculous."

SUSAN PATTERSON: "Cleaning up the streets and parking on the pavements, sometimes they get too close to the front door."

SIDNEY ANSELL: "Corruption, lack of action, poor road conditions, and too many roadworks overrunning."

STEVE WALTERS: "You want the people to vote so work for the people, not for yourself."

JAMES FRANCE: "If they want our vote they have to put more into their campaigning.

"I don't have a clue what my local independent candidate stands for."

EMMA WILLIAMS: "Taking action and doing something positive about getting the Oasis Leisure Centre reopened.

"We should have been able to use it this bank holiday weekend. The weather isn't great and it would have been packed."