A FIREFIGHTER ran 48 miles in 48 hours to help a five-year-old suffering from a rare form of cancer.

Raye Honey finished a four-mile lap of Blunsdon every four hours between midday on Friday and Sunday morning.

Fellow firefighters and their families joined her for the final push, with children on bicycles cycling ahead while her colleagues puffed and panted under their heavy uniform.

Raye decided to make the exhausting effort to support five-year-old Avaya Powell, who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma last year and goes to the same pre-school as her son.

The little girl’s parents are fundraising for alternative treatments that are not covered by the NHS after several rounds of chemotherapy and a clinical trial treatment failed to remove the tumour.

Avaya herself smiled and watched with her mum and gran as Raye set off from the pre-school for the last lap, cheered on by a small group of supporters who got up bright and early to provide an extra boost of motivation.

Avaya stroked friendly dogs, bought some sweets and spoke to her eight-year-old sister Elodie while waiting for her friend’s mum to return.

With the end of her challenge in sight, Raye told the Adver: “I feel awful and drained, with nothing in the tank, but I will make it to the finish line. Seeing Avaya and everyone else here will keep me going.”

Completing the 12th run on a sunny but chilly morning was an emotional moment for Raye, who burst into tears and was soon surrounded by supporters congratulating her for this feat of stamina.

Her determination has paid off - the challenge fundraising page has raised more than £4,000 so far.

She added after catching her breath: “I’m totally elated that I have done this. It was so emotional all the way round. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone for supporting me and donating.”

Avaya said: “Thank you, it was good.”

The run was the latest in a series of fundraising events arranged by staff and parents at Blunsdon Pre-School to pay for Avaya’s treatment.

Mum Laura Powell said: “It’s been quite overwhelming. Raye’s amazing, she’s done so well, we’re all very proud.

“This challenge was all her idea, with different people joining her on each lap. It must have been so hard, getting up every few hours throughout the night to run, she was really hurting.”

To donate, visit gofund.me/2c271dba