These are the bizarre comments Aaron Penfold made to his ex-girlfriend – admitting to being part of an attempted robbery of a delivery driver.

The 21-year-old, who was found guilty last week of attempted robbery, told jurors he’d exaggerated the claims he made in the telephone call to his former partner.

He’d been jealous about her speaking to other men, he told the 12 jurors at Swindon Crown Court, and put on the “big ‘I am’” as she liked bad boys.

In the call, extracts of which were played to the jury, he claimed he’d had his “Rambo” knife.

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He made a sick boast that he would stab the Chicken Cottage delivery driver he and two others had targeted for his car keys.

Audio edited to remove cursing Source: CPS WESSEX

In the audio clip, which has been released by the Crown Prosecution Service, Penfold said: “I would have stabbed him in the throat and ripped his f***ing jugular out.

“Don’t worry, next time I’m in Swindon, yeah, do you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to hunt this **** down and I am going to stab him [to stop him from] crying rape.”

The delivery driver had shouted “rape” after being threatened by co-defendant Dennis Pearce and surrounded by Penfold and another man.

The Chicken Cottage driver told the jury last week: “If you shout rape there is more chance that people will help you because they will think something’s happened to a woman, whereas if a bloke shouts ‘help, help’ nobody even looks twice.”

Penfold, of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, and Pearce, of Hainault, north London, will be sentenced in June.

At Swindon Crown Court yesterday, Judge Peter Crabtree refused a bail application by Pearce’s lawyers.