THE OASIS Leisure Centre has featured on a list of at-risk heritage buildings.

The Twentieth Century Society, which promotes and protects buildings constructed in the last century, described the 1980s landmark as a building of national significance.

The Swindon leisure centre, which it was announced last year would not reopen after lockdown measures were eased, is one of 10 buildings to feature on the Twentieth Century Society’s Buildings at Risk list.

The society said of the Oasis: “It is a rare and important survivor of a group of municipal leisure centres developed in England through the 1960s to 80s which marked a shift away from sporting facilities for competition, towards mass leisure facilities which could be enjoyed together by families, with activities undertaken for fun rather than for training.”

It is said the building was the inspiration behind the name of one of Britpop’s biggest bands, fronted by brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher.

Efforts have been made to get the building listed by heritage quango Historic England. Current leaseholders Seven Capital plan to redevelop the site and have said that their plans to revamp the site would be put at risk if the building were listed.

Last month, Swindon Borough Council rejected a bid by the Swindon Co-operative Party to get the Oasis listed as an asset of community value.

Had it been agreed, it would not have prevented the redevelopment of the site if owner Seven Capital or the council decided to do something else with it. However, it would have provided a stay of execution for six months to see whether a community group was able to take it on.