Rachel Clark was shocked to find out she'd been charged £60 for parking over a white line in a store car park while she bought a £10 toy for her children

The mum-of-two had gone to B&M at the retail park in Ocotal Way on April 28 to buy a garden table and chair set for Alfie, five and Archie, one.

She said: “The car next to me had already parked too close so I had to park over the line to get my two children out, I was on my own and had a pushchair to get out.

“I only spent £10 and I come out to a £60 fine which is a lot of money especially at the moment. I’ve never been in trouble about my car or had a ticket in my life.”

“I couldn’t believe it when I got it. I’ve never even heard of getting a ticket for being over the line. Lots of my friends with small children have also had to and they haven’t been given one.”

Rachel, from Stratton, was in the store for 20 minutes. Although the car park is free to use, it is managed by UKPC which issued the £60 parking charge notice with the instruction that it must be paid within 14 days or the charge increases to £100.

The firm monitors the car park on behalf of B&M to prevent drivers parking and going into town rather than using the store.

Rachel said there was a sign with small print warning drivers about parking over lines but she said: “There are such small spaces and there are disabled spaces, but no parent and children spaces which are usually bigger, I usually go to the other one in West Swindon as they have bigger spaces. I was only 30cm over the line because I have to get my children out of their car seat.”

“I would like to warn others about this as I think it’s really unfair. It’s a free car park and they are taking advantage of families parking.”

B&M told Rachel the car park was not its responsibility.

“They provide parking to their customers so it should be their responsibility to make sure the parking is adequate," she said. They have said they hope it doesn’t stop me from shopping in there. Well of course it does because I can’t get my kids out of the space.”

She appealed the fine with UKPC but was told she ould still have to pay. “It’s so difficult to get hold of UKPC and the way they handle it, you’re made to pay before even talking to anyone.”

UKPC was approached for comment.