WILTSHIRE Police will work to the priorities set in Angus Macpherson’s latest police and crime plan in the absence of a new police and crime commissioner.

The outgoing Conservative commissioner leaves office on May 13, together with deputy Jerry Herbert.

The role remains vacant after successful candidate Jonathon Seed withdrew from the race on Sunday as it emerged a previous conviction for drink driving disqualified him from taking on the role.

Kieran Kilgallen, chief executive of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner in Wiltshire, said he would oversee the office until Wiltshire Council election officials confirmed “next steps in any legal process”.

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He added: “The strategic direction of Wiltshire Police, and its priorities, have already been set by the outgoing PCC and the current Police and Crime plan remains in place until the end of the financial year. Responsibility for implementing this through operational policing, and the day-to-day running of the Force, remains with the Chief Constable, Kier Pritchard.

“Equally as the precept has already been determined and the budget is in place, the planned officer recruitment and staffing will continue, alongside any OPCC commissioned or funded services – which also remain in place.”