LONG-RUNNING roadworks at the busy Moonrakers junction have been delayed again, causing frustration for business owners, neighbours and commuters. 

The double roundabout is being replaced with simple crossroads and traffic lights. 

The £2.8 million transformation started in July, but the completion date continues to be pushed back after setbacks including the discovery of underground pipes. 

Adver readers had plenty to say on the matter and here is a selection of the comments on our Facebook page...

Sally Clark: “My heart goes out to the residents and businesses, it’s nightmare enough for those of us who have to use that road every day but for them, it’s a constant 24/7 impact on daily life. As if lockdown hasn’t been hard enough on everyone.

“I appreciate that early on with the unexpected impact of Covid there were some delays, however I do believe that now even the residents would be happy to put up with a little inconvenience over the weekend and in the evening to get it over and done more quickly.

“It’s a shame they’ve not made more effort to get the Whitworth Road section open to lessen the traffic which causes constant issues trying to get into Chestnut Avenue.”

Debs Rayner: “The blatant light-jumping that goes on through these roadworks is shocking. Every time I go through, my lights are green but there are dozens of cars coming through the other direction so I can’t move. The amount of people that can’t seem to follow a simple temporary road layout is at times laughable too.”

Andy Young: “It’s an absolute nightmare there and at Mead Way. Our business has survived Covid but is really struggling with Mead Way. No compensation or help of any kind for the loss of business. Communication from the council is zero, and nobody cares about the disaster they have caused.”

Paula Law: “It is a joke, just been past there the workers are stood doing nothing by the huts. The other evening l saw a bus jump the lights. It is about time someone sorted it out.”

Lauren Curtis: “It’s a nightmare on this road, I spend most of my day in traffic, last week I was sat waiting for 30 minutes.”

Chris Clover: “Swindon Borough Council should have financial penalties for these delays written in the contract they have with the construction company. But the shops and businesses that are out of pocket should be able to claim for damages, if there’s no penalty clause in the contract then common law should apply and those affected should be able to claim and recover their foreseeable expenses and lost profits as a result of being deprived of clientele.”

Emma Viggers: “I got caught in this twice in the early days for a half-hour each time so now I don’t even bother trying. I go the longer route which just adds more traffic there. I don’t see what was wrong with it before, the traffic seemed to flow pretty well.”

Ian Jewell: “They should be fined for every week they run over. It was a 27-week job. That time ran out mid-February, it’s now mid-May. When will they really finish? February 2022 at the speed they are working.

“It’s not just the delays that are the problem it’s the speed drivers do avoiding the area at times, it’s a race track down Headlands Grove.”

Rosalyn Goward: “There never seem to be enough workers on these sites to get the job done. Look how long it took them to do that paving at Fleming Way and it was nothing special.”

Mathew Middleton: “It’s a complete joke and a waste of all of our taxes.”

Paul Cook: “They should have left it as it was before.”

Fiona Bridges: “To me, it has looked the same for months, it doesn’t look like they’ve done much in this length of time.”

Ryan Cleary: “I travel these roads daily and the amount of closures in Swindon is beyond a joke.”
Vickie Lewis: “The whole of Swindon is ridiculous at the moment, including Covingham, Nythe, Dorcan.”