A MORTGAGE company run out of two Swindon homes is celebrating its third year in business.

Tom Brennan decided to start his own company in May 2018 and Chris Blackwell joined TED Mortgages a year later. The pair decided to base the business from their homes and feared that the pandemic would cause sales to suffer - but it did the opposite.

Tom and Chris, who is now a co-director, have expanded their team with new hires Daniella Black and James Harris to cope with the increased demand over the last few months.

Mr Brennan said: "After this crazy year where our lives have been so disrupted, we’re so thankful to be in business and for our business to be thriving.

“The market is very hot at the moment and it’s not due solely to the stamp duty holiday, though that has helped.

"I believe that this extraordinary year we’ve experienced has prompted people to make different life choices around working from home, where they live and what they want from life.

“It’s very easy to get swept into working 15 hours a day seven days a week when it’s your own business, but it’s just not sustainable. The last thing you want to do is burn out and undo everything you’ve worked so hard for. It’s very important not to over-work yourself and take time out.”

“We know we offer exceptional service and we really care about getting the right mortgage for our customers and that dedication is showing in our business growth.

“I believe that having been able to grow our team to four experienced mortgage and protection advisers is an important key milestone in our three years in business.

"Having other people with different experiences and knowledge working together as a team will help overall with the development of the business.

“On occasions, it has been necessary to outsource projects such as re-branding. I originally did my own very basic logo design when starting out, but later using a professional like Mike Land of Nickel Design, meant we were able to create something that looks significantly better and helps with the identity that we want to stand behind.”

Mr Blackwell said: “We are incredibly proud of having attained 150 reviews on Google with an average rating of five stars.

"I think this must make us one of the most Google-rated mortgage brokers in Swindon.

"I’d like to thank everyone who has helped us along the way to date – from clients to business colleagues to suppliers. It’s been hard work yet so worth it.”