A Swindon woman had labour come on so quickly that her baby had to be delivered in the back of an ambulance – by four ambulancemen.

Mum Carly Batsford gave birth to her baby Kayla-Mae outside her home at 3am.

She says partner Liam Forrest made it to the ambulance just in time to see ‘the baby come flying out’.

Carly had a bath and went to bed as normal, having only felt a ‘few twinges’.

She said: “I started feeling pain about two hours beforehand but I’ve had two children previously so I knew it wasn’t the pain I was expecting. I let it slide.

“But all of a sudden I shot up in bed and I had no choice but to phone an ambulance. I couldn’t even get up to walk out of the house. They had to bring in a bed.”

She says her sons Jayden and Jaycob were quite unaware of the situation, adding: “My six-year-old woke up saying my screaming had woken him up, but he sort of looked at me and went back to bed. 

“He was too tired to realise what was happening and they both just woke up the next day.”

Carly says the ambulance crew doubted she would be delivering a baby so quickly.

She said: “One of the paramedics phoned the hospital to say that they would be bringing me in without a baby because she’s nowhere near due.

“But as he was on the phone saying that, he said, ‘Oh no, I’ll be bringing them both in’ and out she came. 

“I can only assume that he didn’t see her head, but as soon as I got on that ambulance bed, the head popped out and so did she.

“There were about four paramedics – all males – and my partner just made it to the ambulance in time.

“As soon as he stepped into the ambulance, he saw the baby come flying out.”

She says after delivering Kayla, she was taken to Great Western Hospital just to be checked over, but was discharged a couple of hours later.

She added: “It just all happened so quickly. I think I managed to get some gas and air from a paramedic, but that was it.

“I have no idea what made it happen so quickly. Apart from having a bath and getting into bed, we did nothing different.

“Kayla was absolutely fine. She was just impatient, not waiting at all.”

A South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust spokesperson said: “We received a 999 call about an incident involving a pregnant woman at an address in Swindon. We dispatched two ambulance crews to respond to the patient. 

"We sent two paramedics, a student paramedic, and an emergency care assistant.

“Our colleagues were delighted to assist with this emergency delivery, and we send our ongoing best wishes to the family.”