MONDAY’S Swindon Town court hearing was not the decisive victory fans were hoping for, the supporters’ trust said.

Rob Angus of Swindon Town Supporters’ Trust told the Adver: “I think a lot of fans were hoping that it would end the proceedings and that the judge would force Power to sell to Axis and we would get Clem [Morfuni] in.”

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He added: “It’s not the decisive victory the supporters wanted to enable us to move forward with positive ownership.

“We just hope Power does what’s right and it is a deal to sell the club to Axis.”

But Mr Angus said it was a positive that the judge had “ruled out” administration.

The case is expected to return to the High Court in June, when the judge could rule on whether Mr Power will be forced to sell the club.

The supporters' trust has made no secret of its enthusiasm for Clem Morfuni's efforts to take over the club.