The third lockdown seems to have affected mental health more than the others and it will take some time for the community to recover, says support group founder Samuel Robbins.

"During the pandemic, we've seen a rise in mental health issues with more people concerned about their wellbeing.

The Swindon and Wiltshire Mental Health Support Group membership has now reached 556 members with more joining daily to seek support and advice from other members.

In a recent survey of the group, most members’ mental health was affected negatively by the pandemic. One member said: 'Pretty much all my usual coping mechanisms were taken away or made illegal. Isolating myself is the worse thing I can do, and I was forced into it.'

Members who hadn’t had problems with their mental health are now seeking help. This was inevitable with the stress and worry of the pandemic and the nation locked down in their homes with limited social interaction.

We also found that two thirds of our members were unable to seek professional support and still unable to do so. One member had to wait eight months for counselling and another has given up trying to get support from their GP.

The Covid-19 pandemic is going to have a long term effect on children and adults and as we ease out of tough restrictions some people may find they have a long road to recovery.

We suggest Mind’s five ways to wellbeing as a good start on getting your positive wellbeing back on track, which you can find on Mind’s website

You can also join the Swindon and Wiltshire Mental Health Support Group on Facebook."