M4 traffic being diverted overnight through Marlborough this week has sparked anger among campaigners in the town.

The eastbound carriageway of the motorway between junctions 15 for Swindon and 14 is shut between 9pm-6am on Monday-Friday until June 17.

Heavy goods vehicles are already causing daily chaos in Marlborough as they use Herd Street as a rat-run – with more than one a minute going past.

And locals say diversions from the motorway have made life worse.

Now they want proposals like congestion charging, one-way systems and road reclassification investigated by the council.

“I’ve lived here for more than 20 years,” said Gaye Denyer of Marlborough Traffic Problems, who has asked a team of local residents to film and monitor the levels of traffic over the 10-day closure.

“The traffic here is very heavy anyway and it is going to be even worse. We are going to count the traffic and put the figures to Wiltshire County Council.

“We would like to de-prime or de-list as an A road and put weight restrictions on it – or even have a congestion charge. I know that would be unpopular but the pollution levels are so high they are dangerous.

“Yet there is very little input from the council as to how they are going to stop that.

“We have drains sinking, gas cables get exposed and so it is dangerous as much as anything. They are prepared to spend millions on by passes and putting lanes else where in the county. Why don’t they invest something here in Marlborough?  Its been here hundreds of years.”

Emily Trow, who lives in Herd Street, said:  “Some of the lorries going past here are bigger than some of the houses. It’s crazy. Also these houses are listed, so they can’t have double glazing either. 

Corinne Jones. added: “I’m just waiting for a child or old or vulnerable person to be hit at the crossing.”

Wiltshire councillor Caroline Thomas said: “This is the number one issue here. The volume and the speed is of major concern. The road surface is so poor the lorries literally bounce when they come down. I will be collating all the data and pressing for something to be done. 

During the M4 overnight closure, all traffic heading for London and Reading will be diverted down the A346, through Ogbourne, into Marlborough, along the A4 to Hungerford and back up the A338 to rejoin the motorway at junction 14.