FORMER Swindon Town defender Paul Caddis revealed it was goalkeeping coach Steve Mildenhall who told out-of-contract players they were being released but that he was not sure who actually made the decision on deals in the first place.

Caddis was one of 13 players that were allowed to leave the County Ground in the summer on a free after their respective contracts expired, with the news bringing to an end another turbulent spell in Wiltshire for the 33-year-old.

A League Two winner on a couple of occasions, Caddis also experienced a pair of relegations across two stints.

And by his own admissions, the full-back felt he did not deserve another contract anyway but said the way Swindon Town’s hierarchy handled the players with expiring deals did not sit right with him.

Speaking on an hour-long episode of the Loathed Strangers podcast recently, Caddis was asked by host Rich Pullen whether he and his fellow professionals were released in the right way.

Caddis said: “In short, no. With all due respect to Steve Mildenhall, he’s got the club at heart, but he was left to make all of those horrible phone calls. It was Mildy who was left to phone people, which I don’t think was right.

“Steve Anderson is the chief executive, Paul Jewell is there. I know we didn’t have a manager at the time, but I don’t think it was ideal.”

Caddis remained respectful to everyone throughout his interview and stressed how he did not want his comments to come across as sour grapes.

The 33-year-old briefly mentioned young players who weren’t given a chance before going on to reveal how he still didn’t know who actually made the decision on which players would be offered new deals in the first place.

Caddis said: “I would not be surprised if Anthony Cheshire finding out on social media were true.

“I know the club have come out since and said they tried phoning him, but you’re letting someone go from a job. Keep phoning them until you get an answer.

“I’m not talking about Mildy here, I’m talking about the people upstairs – keep phoning them then. Pay them the respect they deserve.

“You’d assume Paul Jewell made the decisions on players, so why are we not speaking to Paul Jewell then?

“We still didn’t have a manager, so we don’t even know who made the decision.

“I’m trying to be as respectful as I can, it’s not sour grapes from me, but it wasn’t ideal circumstances.”