MILLIONS of people will be watching the Euros - but there are still a few pandemic-related restrictions which may limit how many friends you can watch the matches with at home or at the pub.

Pubs across the UK have been told to risk assess the positioning of TV screens, and football commentary volume, when making venues Covid-secure.

In England, up to six people from six households - or two households of any size - can meet up for a pint inside a pub,  and up to 30 people can meet in a beer garden.

If you're think of having some friends round to watch England play, up to six people from multiple houses (or two households of any size) can gather inside, or up to 30 can meet up outdoors in the garden.

Goal celebrations shouldn't be too touchy-feely, just in case they contribute to Covid spreading. In England, people can use "personal judgement" when hugging close friends.

The BBC and ITV are broadcasting the matches - England, Scotland and Wales' opening games are on the BBC.

All 51 matches in the tournament are available on Radio 5 Live.