A MEETING of one of Swindon Borough Council’s overview and scrutiny committee next week looks to be entirely procedural.

The agenda for Monday’s meeting of the resources and corporate overview and scrutiny committee – which looks over how the authority is run – contains all the items which feature on every agenda.

Councillors will look at and amend or agree the minutes of the last meeting. There will be a time set aside for questions from members of the public, and at the end of meeting members will agree the work plan for the committee for the next year.

But in between public questions and the work programme there are no items listed. Normally officers or a cabinet member would present a report about an aspect of the council’s running or answer questions.

Meetings have been scheduled for several council committees this month after a near two-month break for the May 6 e elections, and they are now being held in-person again.

Most meetings are being held in the council chamber, where there is a one-way system and enough room for councillors, officers, press and members of the public to sit.

The committee meeting starts at 6pm on Monday.