Providing the right information will help to reduce any vaccine hesitancy in young people, said public health chief Steve Maddern.

This comes after recent figures revealed that one in 100 people in Swindon aged 50 and over have not yet received their Covid vaccine despite being invited to book a jab more than two months ago.

He explained: “It’s about communication, making sure that we tailor our communications to those age of populations, but also our community engagement work.

“So, making sure that we’re going into the communities where these children or young adults learn work, play live, and making sure that we get the clear and consistent messaging out there.”

Mr Maddern added: “It is very much around giving people in the community the information they need to be able to relay it to the young people to make sure that they can make an informed choice because at the end of the day, we want people to decide whether the vaccine is right enough for them and if they choose not to have it, then that is fine as well.

“But we just want to make sure they’ve got the right information in a way that they can digest,.”