A NEW mural on the closed Debenhams building in Swindon town centre has got people talking.

The colourful artwork has the theme of Hope and is inspired by the town's young people in response to the struggles of the pandemic.

It is backed by charity Artsite and community arts workers Hannah Parry and Casey Hillier.

Adver readers were quick to give their view on our Facebook page and here's what they told us...

Rebecca Clements: "This is a community project and it has been done by young people in the town in the wake of a pandemic. Young people have suffered so much as a result and yet, they have still come together and decided to do this mural to bring hope to the people of Swindon. Thank you to all involved in this project. You make our town a better place and bring hope for a brighter future."

Phil Backway: "This art was created by a group of teenagers as a youth project. Giving the children something positive to do and be proud of. I think they did a brilliant job."

Vicky Silver: "The mural is a million times better than an empty shop, with painted-over windows just waiting to be vandalised. One good point, it has opened up discussion on the area."

Carol Broadfoot: "What a waste of money, we need some decent shops. No more coffee shops/charity or pound shops, how about some small quirky shops, how about a market along the Parade on a Saturday to bring people into town?"

Adam Eering: "Good but the Debenhams building needs to refurbished or just demolished altogether, it’s such an eyesore."

Michelle Giddings: "I like murals, but I like shops to browse and buy in better."

Paul Harvey: "We used to have loads around town. Swindon needs brightening up."

Fae Swindells: "Well done to those who completed it. It would look great to have some more colour but the town does need a facelift."

Christopher Pearson: "Who cares? Concentrate first on inproving the town, the shops and roadworks chaos and maybe repair potholes correctly too."

Ellen McKelvey: "I would like to see the council and other parties that run the centre lower their rents and rates so we can have more shops please. Independent quirky shops would be perfect for our town along with some well known names. We don't really need a high street full of charity shops which are no cheaper than Primark."

Sally Clark: "I have no problem with murals/wall art if they're done properly. However what would be preferable would be decent shops so they don't have to be boarded up and painted."

Mandy Harvey: "Well done to those teenagers who took part in this project, seeing these murals brightens my day."

Gemma Yates: "I have always disliked this building, walking from the train station or getting off the bus it is pretty ugly, needs knocking down. I just miss my 80/90s/2000s Swindon centre."

Maria Lynch: "Looks nice. What would be better is shops that are actually open. Or at least more market type days. Sort it out Swindon Borough Council. Make our town attractive for shoppers."

Julie Broad: "I like them very much, but it's a waste to put them on derelict and unkempt buildings, bit like trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear."

Mavis Hale: "Too many of these will make the town look like a ghost town. We need shops opening not closing, put the rents down and encourage people into town, not out of it..."

Joanne Burberry: "Absolutely love it. Brightens up dull, wasted areas and 100 per cent yes, we need to see more added."

Mark Fry: "The lovely murals in town are the reason why I visit the town centre, the shops just get in the way!"