Former XTC singer-songwriter Andy Partridge has a new record out this month.

And it seems in keeping with his his quirky and self-deprecating persona that it focuses on songs he wrote which were rejected by other artists.

The EP is the first in what the Swindon born, bred and still-resident star calls his My Failed Songwriting Career series. Last year Andy told Rolling Stone magazine: “I have hundreds of songs that I wrote for other people that they rejected. When I can get in there and get working properly, I am going to be putting out a series of records tentatively titled, My Failed Songwriting Career.

He added: “Songs were written. Songs were sent. Sometimes speculatively, often specifically requested, many tailor-made for an artist’s requirements, but then choppy waters could still lay ahead. Even where everyone seemed to think that newly written song A would be wonderful if recorded by singer B, whose manager C had initiated the request via music publisher D for album E on record label F…

The first four-track EP is available to order now on both 12-inch vinyl and CD through XTC’s Ape House store on ahead of its July 23rd release.