THE Royal Veterinary College has released an update regarding the rise of feline pancytopenia cases in the United Kingdom. 

Feline pancytopenia is defined as a dangerously low number of blood cells.
On July 5, there have been 464 cases of cats reported to have the disease with a mortality rate of 64%.
A RVC spokesman said: “Our investigations are ongoing and we are still collecting data from vets, as well as testing food samples and samples from affected cats. We have not yet found a definitive cause for the syndrome. 
“We are now, sadly, aware of over 400 affected cats. Common signs that owners of affected cats note include lethargy and loss of appetite, although in some cases they see signs of spontaneous bleeding or bruising. We encourage owners to contact their veterinary practice if they are worried that their cat may be affected.”
The RVC had previously announced plans for a survey to investigate the rise in severe feline pancytopenia cases.
This follows our story from less than a fortnight ago where it was revealed that retailers including Sainsbury's had recalled dry cat food from their shelves after  a spike in cat deaths.
Speaking to the Adver on June 26, veterinary surgeon Nick Hartley urged any cat owners who were worried to ring their vet for advice and blood tests.
“Buy suitable veterinary approved diets either from vet clinics or pet food shops with suitably trained nutritionists,” he said.